hosted VoIP vs. traditional phone systems

Biggest Advantages Of Hosted VoIP (Voice over IP) vs. Traditional Phone Systems

With an extensive list of benefits, businesses both large and small are making the switch to Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) as their preferred telephone system and for good reason.  VoIP allows businesses of all sizes more reliable services, convenience, advanced phone features which would cost you a fortune with traditional phone services and thus most important, cost savings.

VoIP’s ability to scale between the needs of large organizations to small and medium sized businesses is unmatched, and it’s you, the consumer, that gets the greatest benefit from it.

Not only do you get more reliable services with tools like failover but your company or organization can save a significant amount of money by switching over to a hosted voice solution.  And when you bundle other telecom solutions like fiber-optic internet you only increase your reliability and uptime because let’s face it, copper service is being retired nationwide.

Making a switch like this can be scary and intimidating and we get that.  We work with customers every day who are worried that switching from their traditional phone lines is going to hurt their business, and this is a legitimate concern, but let me help alleviate those concerns as I walk you through the benefits of VoIP, and you can decide if this is a good solution for your business.  And if you still have questions we are happy to provide you with a free, no obligation, telecom audit.

Hosted VoIP vs. Traditional Phone Systems

Incredible Cost Savings

This one is obvious but must not be overlooked as the cost savings you can gain is incredible.  In fact, research has shown that companies like yours can save an average of 40 percent by switching to hosted VoIP.

Plus, you are going to get a bunch of features included in your plans at no additional cost.

Some of these features include.

  • No Upfront Cost – That’s right, the phones are free!
  • Unlimited Domestic Usage
  • Unlimited Calls To 25 International Countries
  • 40+ Calling Features
  • Free Mobile Application
  • Efax
  • Call Center Functionality
  • And Much More…

Your company will not only save money on its telecom bill but you will also save money by gaining more productivity and keeping customers happy with the these features that are available to you today!

Simple Management & Setup

When installing a traditional phone system you have to schedule an appointment with a technician, hope they will show up, and show up on time.  Then they have to run the wires specific to that phone systems and connect all of the phones together. Now this seems pretty straight forward until you want to add, make a change, or switch something.  Then it’s the same process all over again which all costs additional money, and in some cases, a lot of money.

Installing a VoIP system is easy.  You connect your phone line to the existing internet service you have and start making phone calls.  And, if you need help installing or need to add, make a change or switch something you either give us a call or log into your account portal online and you are done.  Oh, and did we mention when you call us we never send you a bill! It’s all included in your solution when you work with us.

Call Center Functionality

We all know that customer service is the life-blood of every business.  Keeping your customers happy and engaging with them in a timely manner on the channel they are comfortable with is key, and, it’s what they expect.

Whether you have a full customer service center open 24 hours a day or an office manager sitting behind a desk a few days a week, hosted VoIP is the perfect solution for your customer service needs.

Here are a few of the many amazing features you will get with a hosted VoIP solution.

  • Multichannel Communication: This allows you or your customer service team to communicate with customers via phone, chat, email, and more.
  • Monitoring & Reporting:  Make smarter decisions and train your customer service team to perform better with easy access to analytics and reporting systems.
  • Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR): Eliminate customer frustration and say goodbye to old-school push-button (press 1 if, press 2 if) by giving your customer the opportunity to speak their needs and get them to the correct person in the correct department the first time.

Features You Can Add-On (included with some providers)

One of the best features of hosted VoIP is it’s flexible to scale as your needs grow.  Scaling with traditional phone systems can be very expensive, but with VoIP scaling is easy and extremely cost effective.

A few popular add-ons you might be interested in:

  • Video Conferencing: See your audience in real time and chat screen-to-screen as if you were sitting right across from them.
  • Voicemail To Email Transcriptions:  Need your voicemails transcribed. No problem.
  • Automated Call Distribution (ACD): Have a large number of inbound calls? Use ACD to route those calls to the correct agents or employees based on specific skill sets.
  • Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR): Immediately start interacting with your callers, gather the necessary information you need and route the calls to the appropriate agent or employee automatically.

Data Integration

Having your data spread across multiple channels can be a real struggle and cause unnecessary customer frustration.  Eliminate this with hosted VoIP by bringing together your communications across all channels directly into your customer relationship management tool (CRM).  This can include social media, phones, chat, email, voicemails and any other channels you communicate with your customers on.


Mobility is one of the most common reasons we find companies switching over to over to VoIP.  The ability to have all incoming calls ring simultaneous to your business phone, cell, home line etc… is an incredible benefit and included with selected hosted VoIP plans.  If you or your employees travel frequently they can now be reached on an office line which helps eliminate missed calls, missed voicemail and missed opportunities.  And you can set up FailOver just in case your internet goes down to ensure that your service is always up and running.

Customer Service

Dealing with multiple carriers can be tough, especially if there is ever a problem.  You will always have 24/7 monitoring for all your services to ensure they are up and running. And, when you use CSN Telecom to help you get the best deal you never have to work with the carrier directly.  If you ever have any kind of a problem you call us, and we will handle it for you. And we we will never send you a bill for it.

To sum it all up analog phone service is just phones. VoIP is a extensive platform for business communications that matches the way you and your people want to work.

Are You Ready to Switch to Hosted VoIP?

We understand that adopting any new technology brings fear of the unknown and some degree of risk but rest assured that Hosted VoIP means better cost savings, reliability, and productivity.

VoIP is a very well-established platform for business communications that is quickly becoming the norm. rest assured that Hosted VoIP means better cost savings, reliability, and productivity.

Contact CSN Telecom today for a Free Telecom Audit to learn whether you could benefit from switching away from plain-old-telephones.

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