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CSN offers a suite of business calling solutions that are affordable, reliable choices designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes nationwide. Our variety of features, calling plans and bundles will enable your business to optimize its telecommunications operations network.

With all sorts of new communication technologies gaining popularity, Unified communications is the term used to bring all of those different platforms in onto the same playing field creating better efficiency and flow.

  • Voice and telephony, including mobile devices support
  • Conferencing —Audioconferencing, videoconferencing and web conferencing
  • Messaging —Email with voice mail and unified messaging (UM)
  • Instant messaging and presence (IM &P)
  • Soft-Clients —Including desktop clients and thin browser clients
  • Communications-enabled applications —For example, integrated collaboration and contact center applications

An ideal unified communications solution, for example, would allow one person to IM, call, video conference, collaborate with partners, and much more from their computer, their smartphone, their tablet, or whatever mobility medium they wish to use, all in real-time.

Your monthly costs can be greatly reduced because of the efficiency of using the same network infrastructure for data and voice. IP Telephony seamlessly ties voice, data, wireless, video conferencing, and instant messaging into a single service. Managing one network can make systems more affordable, and long distance rates are very low. It’s simple to add a phone line when bringing on a new employee or adding a new business location, saving you time and money.

VoIP has features that enable you to do business more effectively and more productively. You and your employees can access your network securely while working from home or any remote location where there is a broadband connection. You can enjoy better communications with your team and your customers, with added features such as video conferencing.

For voice calls over a data network, Session Initiation Protocols (SIP) is the industry standard. Move past traditional analog phone lines to a virtual voice line and leave behind required maintenance to physical phone lines. Dramatically lessen your monthly phone bill and get incredible scalability. Learn more about SIP Trunking and explore carriers that provide this service.
Forget the large investment of filling a closet of traditional land line equipment and turn to the cloud for hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX). Get this 100% scalable solution that is secure, simple, and reliable. See all of our Carriers that provide this service.
Call Centers have heavy traffic both with voice and data. Custom solutions from excellent carriers are available. See what CSN experts recommend for these deals and who will best fit your needs.
A new era of interactive audio and video conferencing has been introduced into the business world and nothing speaks to your quality of business quite like a crisp, clear, and lag-free video conferencing solution. Get the solution you need from one of our top carriers.

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